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Update links in Community resources

I went trough the links in chapter:
Community Resources September 20, 2015
on page:

to have a look on how old the articles where. There where a number of not found:s as well as one very graphic adult nude gymnastic site...
The entries still there where a bit on the old side.

Creating A Simple Service Using ServiceStack by Shashi Jeevan 11/19/2014
Introducing ServiceStack by @dotnetcurry ???????????????
Create web services in .NET in a snap with ServiceStack by @techrepublic August 5, 2014
How to build web services in MS.Net using ServiceStack by @kishoreborra July 29, 2014
Getting Started with ServiceStack: Part 1 by Lydon Bergin April 23, 2014
Getting Started with ServiceStack: Part 2 by Lydon Bergin
Getting Started with ServiceStack Part 3 by Lydon Bergin
Getting started with ServiceStack – Creating a service 22/02/2014
ServiceStack Quick Start by @aarondandy September 8, 2013
Fantastic Step-by-step walk-thru into ServiceStack with Screenshots! October 6, 2013
Your first REST service with ServiceStack by @cyberzeddk Not Found
New course: Using ServiceStack to Build APIs by @pluralsight Nov 28 2012
ServiceStack the way I like it by @tonydenyer Sep 20th, 2012
Generating a RESTful Api and UI from a database with LLBLGen by @mattjcowan March 10, 2013
ServiceStack: Reusing DTOs by @korneliuk AUGUST 26, 2012
Using ServiceStack with CodeFluent Entities by @SoftFluent Porn
ServiceStack, Rest Service and EasyHttp by @chrissie1 not found
Building a Web API in SharePoint 2010 with ServiceStack May 4, 2012
JQueryMobile and ServiceStack: EventsManager tutorial part #3 not found
REST Raiding. ServiceStack by Daniel Gonzalez 14 Apr 2012
JQueryMobile and ServiceStack: EventsManager tutorial / Part 3 by not found
Like WCF: Only cleaner! by +Kyle Hodgson April 18, 2012
ServiceStack I heart you. My conversion from WCF to SS by @philliphaydon not found
ServiceStack vs WCF Data Services March 24, 2012
Creating a basic catalogue endpoint with ServiceStack by 7digital not found
Building a Tridion WebService with jQuery and ServiceStack by @robrtc January 23rd, 2012
Anonymous type + Dynamic + ServiceStack == Consuming cloud has never been easier MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012
Handful of examples of using ServiceStack based on the ServiceStack.Hello Tutorial 23 Oct 2012

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    Missed the date on this entry:
    Introducing ServiceStack by @dotnetcurry 11/19/2014

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