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Support multiple API (service contracts) on the same AppHost

I would love to see that the AppHost supports multiple "API:s", or service contract, hosted on the same AppHost (and thus the same port), or several differnt AppHosts but using the same port...

I am using the sefl-hosted solution and I dont have a separate web server to do some mod-rewrites, reverse proxies and such (which is messy anyways).

The reason:
I have several "webservices", Ws1, Ws2 etc, and they often have some identical DTOs/methods (such as Login etc). I want to use only one IP:port that then makes these different webservices available under a prefixed path.

So, for example, the base URL is http://localhost/ and the Ws1-service can then be configured to start at http://localhost/ws1/ and the other on http://localhost/ws2/

The prexied path can be done today, but not if you have identical DTOs on the different services, then I run into different type of problems, for example:

Running the command "typescript-ref" to generate DTOs for TypeScript projects will generate classes for ALL methods on http://localhost/ instead of just Ws1 or Ws2, which is really what I am after. Other simular issues exists.

So, to be able to run separate "service contracts" (am I using that term correctly?), on the same AppHost or at least port, in a self-hosted situation, is what I am after.

Please also refer to StackOverflow:

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